My favourite was the tissue in a cup expirement because the water formed a bubble and protected the tissue if you want to do this your self this is what you need

  • A tap
  • a Plastic cup
  • a big container
  • a tissue

And this is what you need to do

  1. Fill the container with water
  2. Put the tissue in the cup flatten the tissue
  3. and put the cup in the water with the tissue

there you go that is how you do it

Cahill facts

Cahill’s rank was a private Cahill was in world war 1 Cahill’s service number was 3736 he was NAA: B2455, CAHILL I J not married his age was 18

  • Cahill’s address was bendigo white hills
  • Cahill joined the army on AUG 16 1915
  • Cahill’s unit is : 5th battalion

batman poem

lurking in the shadow throughout the dead of the night is one who   stands for justice working hard to win the fight haunted by he’s memories he’s driven to the edge determined in his mind he lives to carry out his pledge he seeks to take revenge on those who constantly do wrong he helps to free the innocent and those who’ve suffered long within his soul he finds no rest his journey cannot cease until he finds the truth within his heart there’ll be no peace

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